Author Bio

Scott has been counseling people who are dying as well as their loved ones for many years. As a hospice social worker he has been at the bedside of thousands of patients of all ages as they have navigated the mysterious transition between the material world and the unseen world beyond death. Being with those in this threshold space and facilitating nuanced reflections and conversations on important matters has altered his life and been the well from which much of his writing has flowed.

His professional writing covers a wide range of topics and has appeared in scholarly, peer-reviewed journals as well as professional and literary magazines. He has explored everything from what it’s like to be with those who are suffering to the ways this suffering may transform us and become a spur for personal and spiritual growth. He has written extensively about transpersonal end of life experiences – sometimes referred to as deathbeath phenomena – such as near death experiences, out of body experiences, deathbed visions, deathbed synchronicities, spiritually transformative experiences and after death communication. He has had extensive training in counseling people with posttraumatic stress disorder and has written much about working with combat veterans and other terminally ill patients who have unhealed psychological trauma.

These themes and many others emerge in his fiction and poetry as well. With a formal background in the humanities prior to becoming a social worker, Scott has a unique perspective and creative voice. All of his writing, at its heart, is an ongoing quest to tease out and explore the mystery of being human and touch into the depths of the human spirit.

In addition to counseling and writing, he has spoken to national audiences on issues related to trauma, end of life care, survivor guilt and paths toward healing.